Tennikoit         Federation       of India

Tennikoit         Federation       of India

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Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs


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World Tenniqouits Federation







Updates for 31st Junior National Tennikoit Championship 2012

Indian Tennikoit

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Tennikoit is the game mainly played in oceanic voyage in those day and likely called as the Duck Tennis without frame work or set of rules to play the game. In same, after generation it is has been scrutinized by the intelligence and game seeker as the Tennikoit in India, likely it is Ring tennis in South Africa and Tenniquoits in Germany as many as also. Both sex can play this game together in outdoor and indoor.


In 1960’s inventory measure has been to organize the game in national wide and 2004 for the World bodies to bring this game international wide, as result 1st world Tenniquoits championship is organized by Tennikoit federation of India at Chennai with potential from Vellammal education trust.


Federation has come under RTI act 2005 as per the letter received from Dept. (Sports and Youth Affairs) Govt of India wide their letter No: f.36/2:2010 SPII dated: 30/3/2010 to 21/4/2010. Federation has nominated the following:



Central public Information officer,

Secretary General,

Tennikoit  Federation of India.


Appellate Authority,


Hony. President,

Tennikoit Federation of India.

2nd World cup Tennikoit Championship 2010 Koblenz, Germany Click here


Indian team. Participant list Officials

 Dr.S.Venugopal– President-WTF

M.V.M.Velmurugan-Vice President-WTF

B.S.Nagaraj-Chairman-Program comt.

S.Ravi-Chief The Mission




Sthya Pal– Referee

Bijendarkumar– Referee


Men Team

Narayana Suriya







Women Team

Sameera begam

Sujitha sina

Deepa sri


Nisha prakash



Right to Information Act, 2005
Events and Meet-2012

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  • 33th Junior National Tennikoit Championship

    33th Junior National Tennikoit Championship 2014 At MP  Click here



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